Carbon Negative


Red Hill Auditorium is a carbon NEGATIVE venue. This means as an artist performing here, if you are attending a show or even working here, you are actually REDUCING carbon emissions.

100% Recycling 

Our bar runs a recycling initiative giving punters monetary motivation to return their cans and bottles to the bar so we can ensure that all waste is separated and recycled responsibly.


Reducing Emissions

The Red Hill Express is a shuttle system that allows punters to purchase tickets from 20 venues across Perth that take them to and from the show. This means fewer cars on the road, fewer cars in the carpark, and fewer emissions generated from traffic.


Reducing Water Waste

By collecting rainwater year-round, we are reducing water waste. We use this water in our kitchen, for free drinking water, for our toilets, and water vegetation across the venue.

Carbon neutrality requires that we offset the remaining emissions.


To do this Red Hill contributes to the reestablishment of ecosystems in degraded farming land in the Western Australian Wheatbelt, - the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor.


The vision is to recreate a healthy, functioning landscape, restored after decades of habitat loss and degradation. This will become the new bush that helps connect the Outback.


We are independently verified and audited each year to confirm compliance to our pledge to be carbon negative.


Want to know more?

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