Red Hill Express

The Red Hill Express

Where can I buy my Red Hill Express ticket?

You can purchase Red Hill Express tickets up until midday the day before the show here. After this time you can still purchase shuttle tickets if they are available by calling Buswest on (08) 9395 4444.

My bus is late, what do I do?

If you have a problem or you think your bus is running late please call the Red Hill Express Helpline on (08) 9395 4422.

How does it work?

Pre-party at your local before jumping on the Red Hill Express bus - these depart 1 hour prior to gates from each location.

They then leave 20 minutes after the show.

Head straight back to your bus which will be at the same location as when you got off.

Buses have priority exit and you get to bypass all the concert traffic in and out.

Underage and want to catch the Red Hill Express?

If you’re under 18 and want to go to an all-ages gig at Red Hill please let your parents know there will be a supervisor on the bus.

Seats at the front of the bus will be reserved only for the underage patrons.

Shuttle buses wait outside these venues so you can jump straight on.

Get your parents to put you on the bus outside the Red Hill Express location, and they can collect you from the same spot after the gig.

What are the Red Hill Express pick up locations?

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